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C# LINQ Real World Example

What Is LINQ & What Can It Do

LINQ is a very powerful utility in C# that allows formal querying of data across various types. In this example, we’ll discuss how to download actual fuel efficiency data for 40,000+ cars over the past 20 years, and use LINQ to find cars based on a specific filter.
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Optional Parameters And Unknown Amount Of Parameters C#

In this post, we’ll discuss how to create methods that have optional parameters, and methods that take in an unknown amount of parameters. Read More

C# List Examples

A List is a collection of objects and can be defined in the generic format, List<T>, where T is the type of object to be stored. Read More

Return Multiple Values From Methods In C#

New with C# 7.0 is the ability to return multiple values from a method in C#. The syntax is quite simple. Read More

C# How To Write A Simple Repository Class #3: Fetching And Saving

We’ve been looking at how to implement a simple C# repository class over the past few posts. In this last post, I’ll be explaining how to fetch Clients from the CSV file, how to fetch any single given Client, and how to Save updates to the CSV file. Read More

C# How To Write A Simple Repository Class #1: Setting up and Loading From CSV

A repository can be thought of as any construct that stores and manages data. A repository could include a database, a JSON file, or even something more basic, such as a CSV file. In this post, we’ll discuss a simple CSV repository class that stores client information for a hypothetical Greeting Card company. Read More

Create A Custom Editor Window In Unity

Sometimes we need to extend Unity’s Editor Window to add functionality, such as, to save or load a map from a data file. Read More

5 Tips – How to Learn to Code Effectively

Ask yourself, why do you want to learn to code? Are you looking for a career change? Perhaps you’re fascinated by what you can create with a computer. Maybe you want to make an awesome game, or design an app that does something better than any current app of its area does.

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How To Solve A Maze With Recursion In C#

In this post, you will see how to solve a maze with recursion, in C#. Read More