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Do you need SEO services catered to your WordPress blog? I offer SEO services pertaining to keyword research, technical audits, and one-on-one education.

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SEO Services

Boost Your Rankings and Improve Your Traffic

Keyword Research

Excellent keyword research takes into consideration topics you’re interested in writing about, what your competition is doing with those topics, and how competitive keywords in those topic areas are.

When you hire me to do keyword research for you, I can either help you find better keywords for content you’ve already written, keywords for new content that you want to write, or a combination of both.

I will provide you with a keyword set for each topic you provide me. Each keyword set comes with:

  • 1-3 main topic keywords
  • 1-10 keyword variations
  • 5-20 related keywords
  • In total, you’ll get approximately 25 keywords per set
  • Researched keywords will be as low competition as I can find while still providing you a good amount of traffic.
  • Remember, great blog posts will rank for dozens of keywords

Keywords can be used in your blog post title, permalink URL, post headings, and weaved within your post.

An example keyword set will be provided on request.

Cost of Service: $30 per Keyword Set (minimum 5 sets/$150)

Technical SEO

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit include a tool that will scan your website and look for issues and concerns. I will then generate a report for you with detailed step-by-step instructions for how to fix these issues.

Your blog may not be ranking due to technical SEO issues, such as broken links, robots.txt errors, slow pages, title/meta description problems, duplicate content, too little content, and much more. My technical SEO audit service can find over 40 different issues with your site.

A Technical SEO Audit should be conducted once every 6-12 months to find these issues so that you can fix them, helping your SEO overall.

This audit does not include me fixing the issues found, however, I can be hired for an additional charge to fix everything found in the audit.

Cost of Service: $450 for sites up to 1000 pages. If your site is over 1000 pages, I’ll provide a custom quote.

Social Media Audit

A social media audit goes through all of your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn and provides the following information:

  • How many followers you have on each platform
  • How much total engagement you have on each platform
  • Your top 20 most engaged posts on each platform over the past year. This will enable you to write more engaging content as you’ll know exactly what people are interested in interacting with.

Cost of Service: $300

Competitor Analysis

With this service, you’ll get a full report on who your four nearest competitors are. Four nearest means four competitors who share similar keywords and backlinks as you.

In this report, these competitors will be identified and you will get a list of all their keywords they rank on so that you can compete on these keywords as well. You’ll also get a list of sites that your competitors have backlinks from so that you can work on getting backlinks from the same.

Note that this service is better utilized by blogs that are at least 6 months old and have some ranking on Google, even if the ranking is on a low page.

Cost of Service: $450

Backlink Audit

A backlink audit will find all of the backlinks that lead to your site, as well as if they’re classified as dofollow, nofollow, sponsored, or ugc. Your backlink report will also tell you the Domain Authority (DA) of each site that you have a backlink from.

The backlink report also includes a toxicity score of the backlinks as well as my recommendation on whether you should disavow these links, as toxic links can hurt your Google rankings.

Cost of Service: $300

Learn SEO

One-on-One SEO Education/Coaching

Do you want to do the SEO for your site but have some questions or concerns and need some assistance? My one-on-one SEO education/coaching service might be perfect for you.

My One-on-One service is a dedicated hour with me where you can ask anything you want SEO-related. We can go over your blog and do a Live audit, or I can teach you something specific.

If you need help setting up Google Search Console or need a primer on how to best optimize your blog – those are all things we can do!

Cost of Service: $250 per session ($225 if you book multiple at once)

On-Page Optimization and Post Updates

I will edit your existing posts and optimize them to be SEO friendly. This service includes the following:

  • Keyword research for your post
  • Updates to the title, permalink, headings, meta description, and text
  • Your post will be kept in your voice, and more information will be added as necessary to further cover your topic
  • External links will be provided to reputable sources where necessary
  • Post optimized with keywords, formatting, and readability.
  • Spelling and Grammar will be checked over using a professional toolset
  • All posts are optimized with two industry standard toolsets
  • Next steps will be provided to enable you to further optimize the post as well as future posts

For this service, you can share your post with me in a Google Document or email it. I offer one revision after the post is submitted back to you.

Cost of Service: 18 cents per word of the initial post – you will not be charged an additional fee if/when your post is made longer.

What My Clients Have to Say

Multi-Service Discount

If you hire me for multiple services at once, I will give you a discount, generally 5-10% depending on the total package. Please ask about this offer when we speak!

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